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Categories: Couples, Groups and Formations (no Solo and Duos in Bachata!!!)

Characteristics and Movement: Bachata is of Caribbean origin, and does not move along the Line of Dance
(LOD). The basic action is a flowing rather slow, romantic and passionate movement. Steps are composed by a
3-step moving pattern and a lifting/tilting hip moment with no weight transference on 4. The 4th beat is a hip
action(lift, drop), counted “and 4”, and NOT a weight transference of “in place, in place” - rather like a Cha Cha
action/timing, which should only be used as a Variation, and not the basic A slight counter sway is often used to
compliment the Latin hip movement. There are also many other rhythms, including syncopations, slows and
quick’s etc., may be used in interpreting the music. Bachata is a club dance, and the couples should focus on
one another to create an earthy and sensual feeling through the use of close, intricate rotational movements
coupled with an almost playful teasing interaction with one another